Welcome to Del Amore Gallery Nightclub!

Up for a night of drinks, dancing and fun? We have a few ideas for you - or rather, one idea that will do for it all! You are invited to discover Del Amore Gallery, a unique nightclub located downtown, right in the middle of the night hype. Hundreds of fine and fun guys and gals swarm our venues every weekend and have a night to remember. This is your turn to join the experience!

Do you think you have seen everything?

If you do, you definitely should try our venue. It will change your point of view of things!

The first feeling that you get when you enter Del Amore Gallery Nightclub is that it never ends. There is always another door, the next space, new music. You could get lost inside this endless world of nightly entertainment. We offer the widest range of rooms to please every taste. Discover our distinct atmospheres, suited for everybody. Whether you are a wild dancer, a chill-out drinker or the one-night-stand type, you will find something that will satisfy you. We have 2 dancefloors with different music styles, 3 cocktail bars and a VIP space from where you can check out the scene and have a good while with your friends or date. 

Our bartenders can make literally any drink in the world. Challenge them to surprise you with exquisit shakes and the best brands of beverages. You haven't lived if you haven't tried our cocktails!


We have special services for our web clients!

If you are reading these lines, congratulations! You are amongst the selected group that is one phone call away from getting into the VIP guest list! Give us a call, tell us your name and who is coming with you, and we will give you a Guest Code for next weekend! VIP guests can enjoy a free round of drinks, our exclusive VIP zone with maximum confort and commodities, and a huge discounts in all our cocktail bars!

Contact us now for a hen or stag do at Del Amore Gallery Nightclub! Let us invite you and your friends with a few surprises. You will have the pinnacle of your weekend at our venues.  Celebrate our special party, drink until you faint, and dance all night long. Laughter and fun ensues at Del Amore Gallery Nightclub!


See beautiful performers and dance to the best DJ's!

Every weekend we have special attractions for our guests. We choose only the best sexy dancers, exotic dancers and DJ's to animate our nights. Our shows have everything a show should have. Come to dance and watch our artists on stage and the pole! 

Lights, music, fog and a lot of movement! Dance and jump to the best beats in our dance floors. Choose your favourite atmosphere and enjoy a fine night of entertainment. Whatever it is that you are looking for when you dress up and walk into the night, you will find it at Del Amore Gallery Nightclub! 


After a night of partying hard!

"Del Amore Gallery is the best place to go out in Kent! I've practically stepped on every dancefloor in the city, but there is no place I like more than Del Amore. It's so classy and yet so cool. You should try it too!"

By Rebecca Finn

"I am always up for a night of fun, and I know that I will get some at Del Amore Gallery. It is perfec for any ocasion, you can take someone or get someone there. Whenever I go, I know I'll have a good time."

By Lawrence Goods

"Del Amore Gallery is perfect for any mood. It just adjusts to what you want for that night. It always has what you are looking for. I don't know how they do it. But I am glad they do."

By Paty Anderson